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We're showing everyone a highly effective easy and most importantly cheap way to save your Scale RC Helicopters or any other aircraft whether it falls inside a lake.

Basically, that which you do is attach this little bullet searching attachment for your drone and when it falls into water, it'll instantly deploy itself.

It floats towards the surface so that you can catch and pull the drone support. Simple right?

Okay men so today we are simply likely to be speaking in regards to a remedy that's easy to help waterproof your quad or any other aircraft.

Finally I came across what is known as the "Have That Drone Back" method.

So while using illustration of the size giant Scale RC Helicopters. With this scenario we'll only if you have a phantom. In case your large Scale RC Helicopters happen to crash in to the water or perhaps a P2 using the GoPro right mounted and you are while using waterproof housing, with this particular process you will still obtain the crash footage.

This will not work with super deep conditions. but also for local flying, it is good!

Or if you work with a gimbal you might still obtain the aircraft back and possibly market it for parts. You can test and restore and a minimum of you'll have it fixed it, market it. Here I'll proceed and begin the recording and i'll take you step-by-step through it. In order you'll be able to see here, the Phantom weighs in at 12 oz and a pair of pounds.

My evaluation bar weighs in at 3 pounds. It weighs in at a little bit more which will supply you some room. And So I put the bar using the "Have That Drone Back" attached which means this imitates your Phantom falling within the water in to the water.

It is possible to focus on it at the base from the pool. And over the years, it required exactly 7 minutes 27 seconds later. The "Have That Drone Back" was deployed. The pin was simply deployed also it shoots towards the surface, its pretty easy to understand.

You just pull the string so that as it comes down up you can observe the exam up. That might be my Phantom immediately. You'd save your valuable Phantom.